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CleverLynx is included with Clevertouch and Cleverboard

Frequently Asked Questions


Please launch Lynx by right clicking the Lynx icon, then select 'Run as administrator' from the list. When Lynx opens access the registration page via the Help menu. Enter any required info, then select OK. Now when Lynx is launched using other user logins the registration page should not load. You only need to do this process once.
Lynx can be updated using the Lynx updater. Or by visiting and downloading the latest version.
Please refer to the 'Lynx 5 MSI help files' available from this link:
Please double check the email address entered in the Lynx registration page is correct, and you can access that email account. Please ensure the network firewall permits the following websites: If this is OK and still no email is received (it should only take a few minutes) please raise a support ticket on this site (please provide the email address and Lynx key used on the registration page) and we can manually generate a validation code for you.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. Lynx How To Guide


  2. Lynx 4 icon guide