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Clevertouch Plus LUX 1541xxx/1 and 1541xxx/2

This second generation Clevertouch Plus LUX screen incorporates an android module which brings new levels of performance and advanced capabilities. Utilising Android 4.4.2 it has a streamlined user interface to aid use. Serial numbers begin X55, X65 etc

Frequently Asked Questions


Please check that "Tablet PC Components" is selected in the Turn Windows Features On and Off Control Panel. See help document in the download section for more information.
Please refer to the guide on how to disable Flicks and Panning in Win 7.
Please check that the android module is fitted in the slot to the right of the screen. The module is delivered in a separate box and must be fitted during installation of the screen.
It is not recommended as this will remove the android system (you would have to remove the android module).
Please visit this website to view a guide:


It is important to launch the Eshare app at least once with an internet connection as Airplay uses the resources of Eshare to function. And Eshare needs to contact its servers online to register itself. This is an automatic process that happens when you launch Eshare. You can then close Eshare and Airplay should then work OK.
Please visit this website to view the guide:

Drivers & Downloads

  1. MAC OS Sierra: UPDD_No Area


  2. AirPlay Service Update for iOS 10.2 compatibility

  3. MAC OS Sierra: UPDD_AREA


  4. Enable touch in Google Chrome browser.

    Enabling touch functions in the Google Chrome browser.pdf

  5. MAC Yosemite & El Capitan touch driver


  6. Windows touch driver


  7. Guide on how to disable Flicks and Panning.

    How to disable Flicks and Panning in Win 7.pdf