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Clevertouch V-series 1st generation

55" and 65" with 608 android chipset and a serial number beginning S55SAVV108, S65SAVV. •Integrated Android operating system with 512MB ROM and 4GB RAM •Front mounted USB ports – one for Android and two for PC •Touch-control menu for on screen input selection •Full HD 1080p resolution •Anti reflective glass •Integrated speakers •Freeze frame •10-point touch in PC mode with Windows 7/8 PC, 6-point touch in Android mode, 1-point touch with Mac OS •5 year on-site de-install / re-install warranty (UK Mainland) •Optional Blade PC

Frequently Asked Questions


Please check that "Tablet PC Components" is selected in the Turn Windows Features On and Off Control Panel. See help document in the download section for more information.
Please refer to the guide on how to disable Flicks and Panning in Win 7.
The early batches of Clevertouch V-series included a 2m mains lead and remote control. The later batches now include a mains lead, HDMI, USB, VGA, stylus pens, remote control and a mini jack cable.
No, the Clevershare cannot be used with a Clevertouch V-series.
Yes, you can use a Blade PC with a V-series.


No, the Cleverstore is not available with a V-series Clevertouch screen.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. Enable touch in Google Chrome browser.

    Enabling touch functions in the Google Chrome browser.pdf

  2. IR Control Codes

    IR codes.pdf

  3. V-series user guide

    V Series user Manual.pdf

  4. MAC Yosemite touch driver


  5. Windows touch driver


  6. RS232 codes for V-series

    RS232 code for V-Series.pdf

  7. Guide on how to disable Flicks and Panning.

    How to disable Flicks and Panning in Win 7.pdf