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Clevertouch Blade PC Module (1541033) 1541033

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Please check that "Tablet PC Components" is selected in the Turn Windows Features On and Off Control Panel. See help document in the download section for more information.
Please refer to the guide on how to disable Flicks and Panning in Win 7.

Drivers & Downloads

  1. 1541033 Windows USB 3.0 Drivers

  2. 1541033 Windows Bluetooth Drivers

  3. 1541033 64 bit Windows 10 VGA Drivers

  4. 1541033 Intel Management Engine Components

  5. Intel Chipset Windows Drivers for product 1541033

  6. Enable touch in Google Chrome browser.

    Enabling touch functions in the Google Chrome browser.pdf

  7. Guide on how to disable Flicks and Panning.

    How to disable Flicks and Panning in Win 7.pdf